A Skilled and Experienced Law Firm Defending Public Entities

It takes a great deal of knowledge, patience, and stamina to operate a municipality. Teamwork is crucial in dealing with the many day-to-day challenges. Sometimes, these challenges require the advice and insight of an experienced legal ally. Johnson & Johnson, in Dover, New Jersey, is a multi-generational law firm that provides defense representation for public entities throughout the region.

Through the decades, we have provided top-notch service to municipalities in legal matters related to zoning issues, property taxes, open meeting laws, and civil rights laws. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and assertiveness in guiding regional municipalities such as cities, counties, townships, and villages.

Qualified, Responsive, and Effective

Law has been a family tradition at Johnson & Johnson that was founded in 1929. We provide personalized service and are always responsive to our clients’ needs. Qualified and experienced, we provide effective and insightful legal representation to area government municipalities in situations that may involve:

  • Motor vehicle negligence
  • Premises liability issues
  • Wrongful termination of an employee
  • Civil rights-related violations
  • Professional negligence
  • The discontinuation of government benefits

We are prepared to advocate for you. With us, you get a father-son legal team that understands municipal law and will defend you to the best of their abilities.

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We are a skilled law firm prepared to defend public entities in many different legal cases. We know the importance of understanding every detail of your case. Johnson & Johnson, in Dover, New Jersey, has provided decades of effective representation to clients throughout Morris and Sussex counties. For a free initial consultation, please fill out this online form or Call us at (973) 993-3131 to set up an appointment, and we will schedule an appointment with you.