Skilled Defense in Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been charged with assault or are the victim of domestic violence, the attorneys at Johnson & Johnson can help. With offices in Dover and Morristown, New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson represents our neighbors living in Morris and Sussex counties.

There are severe consequences for violating restraining orders, which made include mandatory jail time. If you are facing charges of assault, have been unfairly served with a restraining order, or are charged with violating a restraining order, our defense lawyers are able to aggressively work on your behalf.

Defending Your Rights

When police respond to calls for domestic violence situations, the alleged offender may receive a criminal charge and also be served with a temporary restraining order. With that order in place, the alleged offender may not have any contact with the alleged victim without additional legal penalties.

Within three to four days of being issued, the temporary restraining order typically goes before a family court judge to decide whether to make the temporary order permanent. If it is made permanent, the temporary order becomes a final restraining order, effective indefinitely until the victim successfully petitions the court to remove it.

At Johnson & Johnson, we also represent victims of assault or domestic violence. You have the right to full protection allowed by law. We will work to defend your rights and put in place every legal option, including protective orders, to guard your safety.

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