Defending You Against Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving has serious, and often lasting, consequences. However, there is good news for those charged with DWI in New Jersey: with experienced representation and proper evidence, you may be able to have your charges reduced, dropped, or be found not guilty in a court of law.

Beyond a mandatory license suspension, you may face jail time and fines. If your charges are not reduced from your driving record, your car insurance premiums may significantly increase. Further, your conviction may severely damage your reputation and bring embarrassment to your family. You can fight against these charges, but you need experienced representation, and you need to act quickly by contacting Johnson & Johnson in Dover.

Helping You Fight the Latest Technology

For years the Breathalyzer machine was the industry standard for determining whether a driver was legally intoxicated. After New Jersey’s Supreme Court approved the Alcotest, a more sophisticated alcohol analysis device, the state has been working to replace the Breathalyzers. Representing the latest in technological advances, the Alcotest is more automated and more complicated.

When the court approved the Alcotest, it also implemented new procedures for testing. One of these procedures is a time constraint that requires the Alcotest administrator to personally observe the alleged drunk driver for 20 minutes prior to conducting the test.

Uncovering Critical Pieces of Information

In New Jersey, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08. If your level is found to be above the legal limit, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for three months. If your level is at .10 or above, your driver’s license will be suspended for seven to twelve months.

As lawyers experienced in drunk driving defense, we know how to uncover missed critical pieces of information or sloppy investigation and testing details. We know what mistakes are commonly made during field sobriety tests, and we know how to find missteps taken by Alcotest administrators. Additionally, our legal team is comfortable asking the courts to consider sentencing alternatives such as community service, counseling, substance abuse treatment, or education in lieu of jail.

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