You Need Skilled Defense Attorneys To Help You Fight Drug Charges

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can bring drug-related charges and convictions against the innocent in New Jersey. If you are being investigated or have drug charges brought against you, contacting an aggressive criminal defense attorney may be one of the best choices you ever make.

Often searches and arrests related to drug charges raise constitutional issues. At Johnson & Johnson, in Dover and Morristown, our defense attorneys take an in-depth look at the procedures used during the investigation, search, seizure, and arrest, including how evidence was collected and processed. We investigate the credibility of informants and the soundness of the details they provided.

We Understand Law Enforcement Strategies

One of the most frequently used means to discover drugs and drug paraphernalia is a routine traffic stop. An officer pulls a vehicle over and believes there is just cause for a drug search. Another method frequently used by law enforcement is to have an officer approach a vehicle stopped in a parking lot or beside the road and search the vehicle for drugs. Regardless of who may own the narcotics, who was driving, or to whom the car belongs, every person in the vehicle may be arrested.

Authorities can also discover drugs by using confidential informants and surveillance techniques such as wire-tapping. Often this is a longer process as police and prosecutors gather evidence of drug possession, manufacture, or distribution, as well as drug trafficking. Once they decide, enough evidence has been gathered to bring drug charges, search and arrest warrants are issued.

If our lawyers find there was no just cause for the initial search or if our client’s legal rights were ignored, we will take action to have any confiscated drug evidence suppressed or to have the case against you dismissed. If all is in order and there is no question as to your involvement in the drug offense, our attorneys will work to arrange a plea bargain in your best interests, fighting against the most severe penalties.

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